About Us

We are a family of fermenters based in Swindon, Wiltshire. We believe in trying to live without toxic chemicals, want to recycle as much as possible and enjoy the odd bit of gardening too!

Mrs Libby was very ill quite a few years ago and came out the other side determined to rid our house of the type of chemicals found in cleaning products, beauty products and the like. After lots of research, experimentation and failed ferments we perfected our award winning probiotic cleaner which we call Libby Chan. From this we went on to develop Libbys Smelly Pet Tonic, Libbys V-Concentrate and Libbys Bokashi. All our products are made with the same original ethos: only 100% edible ingredients used with nothing added. Our home is full of fermented foods & drinks and in May 2016 we launched our very own water kefir drink called Kefir Zing under our Crookednose brand. This is a raw, unpasteurised kefir that is 100% vegan.

We hand-make all our products in our little brewery and take pride in providing you with British made products borne from a match of far eastern ingenuity and western tenacity.

If you'd like to learn more about our products them please do! Just click on the logos below.

Have pets? Then you NEED this!          Green fingered? You'll love bokashi!

            Clean with the power of probiotics!                              Dairy Free Kefir! Yummy & good for your tummy!